Project Manager for Construction Management Team

Posted Date: 28-Aug-2011

Project Manager for Construction Management Team


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Manage the Jacobs Construction Management (CM) Team for the $10.5 Billion Delta Habitat Conservation and Conveyance Program (DHCCP). The DHCCP will be one of the world’s largest water conveyance programs with a capacity of 15,000 cfs (10 billion gallons per day). The DHCCP includes $7 billion of tunnel construction and features a twin bore, 33-mile long, 33-ft diameter, 150-ft depth to invert tunnel. CM Services start the summer of 2011 and continue for 9 years - first 2 years for pre-construction activities and the remaining 7 years for field construction. The CM team is anticipated to include 300 staff during the peak of construction. The project is located near Sacramento, California. Sacramento is the state capital and has a metro population 2.5 million. Sacramento is located 90 miles east of San Francisco and 100 miles west of Lake Tahoe


Experience managing the design and construction of the following types of projects Projects located in California, in particular projects located near Sacramento Projects that used international construction contractors Project experience with one or more of the following California water agencies: California Department of Water Resources Metropolitan Water District of Southern California Westlands Water District Kern County Water Agency Santa Clara Valley Water District San Luis & Delta-Mendota Water Authority

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