Product Overview: 

A solid backlog management core forms foundation for Agilefant. Different information radiators, namely Daily Work, Timesheets and Project Portfolio, are build around that foundation.

Product management
Products are the topmost backlogs in Agilefant and have no fixed timespan. Products are further divided to release projects. From product level whole product story hierarchy is visible, from topmost stories all the way to iteration level stories.

Release projects
Release projects are time-boxed backlogs (i.e. they have fixed timespan). With project functionality one can plan and monitor releases. Projects provide a tree for arranging stories and a list of leaf stories (e.g. stories which have no child stories) for prioritizing stories. Both the tree and leaf story list show stories currently in that release project and in iterations under that release project. Release project progress is shown in visual form with a burn-up graph.

In iteration backlogs stories can be divided to tasks and completed by executing the tasks.

Daily Work
Daily Work collects all of the assignments of a single user from different iterations into one single place. It provides an opportunity to arrange work from different iterations with Work Queue. Each user can add tasks to Work Queue, and sort the tasks in the queue. This functions as a personal todo list, while at the same time others can clearly see what the user is currently doing. In addition to collecting assigned stories and tasks to a single place, Daily Work contains a graphic presentation of users current and upcoming workload.

Agilefant has a built-in time-tracking system, which allows logging effort to backlogs, stories and tasks. The logged effort entries can be collected either to a web-page report or to an excel sheet with timesheet report generator.

Portfolio management
All ongoing and upcoming release projects are collected to a single place, thus allowing project portfolio management. Project portfolio decisions can be expressed by ranking and prioritizing projects.

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