Product Overview: 

TechExcel DevSuite provides an integrated platform for development and defect tracking, requirements management, project planning and quality management.

DevSpec – Requirements Management
DevSpec enables organization-wide collaboration for the management of requirements, specifications, product ideas or agile stories, with integration points that allow you to drive development and testing directly from completed requirements. Whether you wish to adopt a simple agile process for building a product backlog or need to implement a defined and regulated requirements process, you will quickly achieve full traceability throughout the project lifecycle.

DevPlan – Development Project Planning
A better alternative to traditional project management tools, DevPlan provides robust development project planning and resource management. By dynamically linking your project timeline to implementation tracking in DevTrack, you achieve real-time visibility into the current project status, risk areas, burndowns and expected delivery dates.

DevTrack – Implementation and Defect Tracking
DevTrack comprehensively tracks and manages all aspects of a development project, from feature stories and implementation tasks to product defects and change requests. Teams can effectively plan, organize and execute development work, and with tools to support both agile and traditional practices, DevTrack can easily be configured to fit your needs.

DevTest – QA Test Management
From test case creation, planning and execution through defect submission and resolution, DevTest manages the complete quality lifecycle. Implement quality processes earlier in the development lifecycle to manage shorter deadlines, address complex contemporary testing challenges, and improve your deliverable software.

KnowledgeWise – Knowledge Base
DevSuite includes KnowledgeWise, a central knowledge repository for managing documents, images, Wiki articles, Wiki books, and other digital assets and attachments. KnowledgeWise provides a fully configurable user interface and definable workflow process for tracking knowledge creation, review, publishing, and approval processes, and items in KnowledgeWise can be accessed from all areas of DevSuite.

DevTime – Timesheet Management
Adding the optional DevTime module to DevSuite creates a complete time sheet management system that is integrated with development time tracking in DevTrack. DevTime produces detailed time sheets for each team member that can be manually updated when necessary and tracked through a definable workflow process for time sheet approval.

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