Product Overview: 

FogBugz is integrated web-based project management system featuring bug/issue tracking, discussion forums, wikis, customer relationship management, and Evidence Based Scheduling developed by Fog Creek Software.

The feature tracker allows users to manage, filter, sort and navigate a tree-structure of tasks, that contain information, tags and attached files related to a particular issue. Discussion forums and wikis may be created around any topic and posts/pages may be added into the same. Users may integrate their email accounts into the system to send/receive email and create issues regarding the same.

Prediction of future tasks and completion estimation of future milestones are based upon past records of user performance. Users must manually input an estimated duration for every task, and state the task they are currently working on which builds a daily work log (timesheet) that may be reviewed later.

Project management

* Manage multiple projects, with areas within each and milestones within each
* Tree-structure outline of tasks, issues, bugs, features or customer inquiries
* Full history maintained per task, including edits, user assignments and updates
* Integrated file upload system to attach any file to tasks, optional screenshot tool
* Local search to filter list of tasks based upon keywords in title, description, etc

Time management

* Manually entered estimates per task, along with manually set start/end times
* Timesheet and user history based upon work done on tasks, per day
* Scheduling with milestones, to predict completion of tasks assigned
* Evidence-Based Scheduling to accurately predict completion dates and milestone probability
* Visually represented timelines per user, displaying milestone at past/present/future dates
* All predictions are displayed in ranges, depending on the accuracy of the user's estimates

Overall management

* Display line, bar, column or pie charts for any filtered view of the task tree-structure
* View charts based upon present data, or past historical records of tasks
* Tabular reports of tasks, users, projects and their parameters or records
* Drill down to view hierarchical information within a section of a chart

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