Product Overview: 

Serena Development Manager
Serena Development Manager helps global development organizations orchestrate application development across disparate platforms, departmental processes, and development tools. With Serena, customers have been able to dramatically accelerate software development, increase development efficiency, and reduce rework:

  • Decreased manual effort to create and deploy a release by 90%
  • Improved development productivity by 40%
  • Shortened development and change cycle times by 50%
  • Reduced software errors by 90%
  • Serena Development Manager consists of Serena Dimensions CM and Serena Business Manager (SBM).

    Serena Agile Planner
    Serena Agile Planner offers organizations an easy and flexible solution to run their agile software development projects. In addition to providing burndown charts, task boards, and sprint backlogs, Serena Agile Planner also helps software developers more easily make the move to agile.

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