This is what we do...

Our Mission
We aim to unveil transparency and remove all misconceptions
of Agile Methodologies and Mixed Agile Practices

Our Vision
To build the ultimate online go-to source portal for all your Agile needs

This includes helping organizations and individuals to adopt, transform, and practice Agile for great results.

We welcome novice, intermediate, advance, and expert agile practitioners to contribute and share knowledge via the AgileFragile Community.

Our Goals

  • Help Stay Current - Keep learning, sharing, and exploring
  • Help Solve Problems - Clear doubts and misconceptions
  • Help Make Decisions - Right decisions with collaboration
  • Allow Review Books - Recommend, rate, review, and buy your choice
  • Allow Evaluate Products - Get to know and compare products
  • Publish Job Openings - Open opportunities for career advancement

You will have access to the Glossary, Stories, Books, Magazines, Agile Tools, Tools Comparison, Community, Events, Job Openings, and many more...

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